Key Elements of a Perfect Facebook Ad

Posted by on 7/20/2017 to News
Key Elements of a Perfect Facebook Ad
Have you ever wonder how a successful Facebook template would look like?  You probably have seen plenty of these ads but never new what the "ingredients" were.  We'll here it is explained...

ELEMENT #1  Start with a question that gets an implied "YES" and speaks specifically to your ideal target.
ELEMENT #2  Build rapport with a "connecting" statement followed by the discovery.
ELEMENT #3  Using words like "today"
ELEMENT #4  What are you giving them? (Guide, Template, Offer)
ELEMENT #5  Provide a clear call to action
ELEMENT #6  Use shorten hyperlink
ELEMENT #7  High contrast image that tells a story
ELEMENT #8  Offer name + benefit + type of offer
ELEMENT #9  Have a strong benefit driven statement with incomplete sentence
ELEMENT #10  Remind them where to go
ElEMENT #11 Call to action (reminder) - the learn more button

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