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Why Custom Products?

Do you remember...

Receiving your tshirt after your first ITU triathlon and Spartan Race? The race that you trained months for! The big foam finger you purchased at your kids soccer game? The one where he/she scored their very first goal. Or that souvenir cup you purchased from your trip to SeaWorld over 14 years ago? I sure do. 

Promotional products (a.k.a swag, giveaways, promos, logo gifts), is a sensory branding medium. Adding your message to a tangible product turns an ordinary experience into a marketing message your clients can smell, taste, see, hear and touch. Promotional products that make an impression (based on popularity) includes, custom pens, shirts, bags, calendars, desk/office accessories, caps/headwear, drinkware, USB drives, health & safety products and outerwear. These personalized branded products has the unique ability to build a relationship with your consumer. 

PromoStadium sells a huge range of promotional items, touching every category where you can slap your logo or message. You have your conventional baseball caps for your sports team, tote bags for tradeshows and farmers market, pens replacing business cards at restaurants are just a few examples how we have helped our customers effectively advertise and brand themselves. 

You remember and so does your customers. That is why promotional products are very powerful in connecting your brand to your customer. It has long term marketing power. Let us find the perfect product.

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Carnival Pen
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Renegade Mechanical Pencil